Bridge to small island of Mangalia and DMHI Mangalia Shipyard view

Locaţie: Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries Mangalia

Locaţie: Podul de la insuliţă – Mangalia

Locaţie: Podul de la insuliţă – Mangalia

While doing these pictures I was assaulted by two fishermen easily dazzled by the fumes of alcohol, which, desiring to shed their frustrations of communism, they wanted to do an act worthy of a patriotic man, so I was called a spy and didn’t let me go  as they would call the police because they have found a spy. I remained silent. I could not believe that those are that stupid. They asked why I take photos at night, to a shipyard and at the Coast Police, so they  concluded that I was a spy.Wow! I always dreamed to be Double “0” Seven! :d  So I first called the police directly, because I did not want to go to other facts. I was quite afraid for the camera. When they saw that I’m not joking and even called police, they had second thoughts and left away. I stayed on-site for proper checking with police about the two patriots [idiots comunists!].
After all, everything was right, even the cops were amused on account of the two eg-citizens: P . Then I returned home and downloaded the pictures into the computer and somehow regreted that i’ve lost some interesting shots on the bridge and other places that i wanted to go later that night.

PS: I forgot something! The two heroes had found  another reason for keeping me seized :  the vehicles on the bridge and the island was forbidden due to a traffic sign…So what i was doing there with my bike? WTF?

So again my bad feelings about communism were strengthened again… And about the fact that anyone diserve its own fate… Ohhh yeah! Those idiots…ahhh heroes, i mean, they were stupid because they wanted to be so! So f*** y**, f***** communists!

PPS: I often wonder:  “how God still supports us on Earth’s surface, with all that shit?”


~ by Phlom on 12/11/2009.

5 Responses to “Bridge to small island of Mangalia and DMHI Mangalia Shipyard view”

  1. Fratica, eu cre’ ca ti s-a facut si tie dor de casa, nitel acolo :))
    Eu cica sunt acasa, dar ajung la fel de “des”, din luna in Paste 😛

  2. talentat FRATE am si sunt mandru de el, MISS YOU,Υαμασ

  3. Ca tot vorbeam cum imi place sa ma uit la macarale….hop-si-asa am ajuns sa lucrez in port sa ma satur de macarale. DIn pacate nu mai e timp de fotogrsfii…

  4. Multumesc frumos pentru incurajari! Talent nu am sincer, totusi dedic ceva timp pentru a fotografia si incerc sa surprind atat cat pot din ceea ce m-a impresionat pe mine. Poate pentru unii imaginile cu santierul naval sunt ceva sec, dar eu am crescut in acel oras de langa port si pentru mine inseamna ceva.
    Nu stiu daca se vede bine, dar ele sunt facute imediat dupa apus, ca se mai vad cateva “urme” la orizont. Tocmai asta mi-a placut, cum luminile din port, cu acei ultimi nori ai zilei, contrasteaza cu cerul destul de intunecat. Plus ca imi plac locurile mai linistite, retrase, care ma ajuta sa ma relaxez. Si imi place sa urmaresc cum se midca macarelele pe dane. Pur si simplu imi place. De aici si povestea care insoteste fotografiile, cu cei doi eroi plini de patriotism…blah blah [stiti povestea 😛 ]
    Inca o data multumesc si numai bine!

  5. sunt absolut superbe pozele si trb sa recunosc ca ai talent si pui mult suflet in ceea ce faci.

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